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Types of Gift Cards in Montenegro – Snappy Exchange Blog

Types of Gift Cards in Montenegro

Types of Gift Cards in Montenegro

The growing popularity of gift cards keeps broadening across various countries. Unlike the usual way of presenting tangible gifts to show appreciation, they can be customized to add more colour to the occasion they’re meant for.

Recently more countries keep making policies that encourage their usage. Montenegro is one of such countries that have incorporated the use of gift cards into their economy to encourage local businesses and help startups to thrive.

This article explores the gift card system in Montenegro, its socio-economic benefits, the types available, and also how to redeem them both locally and internationally.

 The Montenegro Gift Card Industry

The industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, providing a large and convenient gifting experience to both locals and tourists. The origin of gift cards in Montenegro can be traced back to the early 2000s when the concept first emerged in the global market. Since then, it has steadily become more popular in the country, and an integral part of the culture.

They are now widely available across various sectors, from retail and dining to experiences and online marketplaces. The industry is thriving and caters to the ever-evolving interests of consumers, embracing digitalization too as it has revolutionized the way people celebrate special occasions and express their appreciation to loved ones.

As the industry continues to grow rapidly, business owners and retailers in the country are recognizing the immense value it brings in promoting customer loyalty and engagement.

Benefits of Gift Cards in Montenegro

1. Perfect  for Distance Gifting

They are quite perfect for presenting gifts to loved ones who are far away. Also, when you cannot be physically present to celebrate with loved ones, you can send them gift cards to meet the same purpose. They provide an excellent way to send a meaningful gift and share the joy of special occasions from afar.

2. Budget-Friendly

With gift cards, you can set a specific budget, making it easier to manage expenses and avoid overspending on gifts. This also helps to avoid incurring debts while showing appreciation to loved ones.

3.  Business Incentives

Most businesses incorporate them into their rewards program for loyal customers and as bonus offers for additional value to make future purchases. They also serve as corporate rewards to reward employees, boost their morale and acknowledge their contributions.

For retailers, they also help to attract more customers encouraging them to try out products or services they might not have considered before.

4.  Financial Security

The use of gift cards reduces the risk of identity theft, unlike credit or debit cards linked to personal information, they provide you an added layer of security as they are not directly tied to your financial accounts.

Their use helps to shield Montenegrins from credit card fraud since they have no connection with financial data. Most of them have protective measures, such as registration or replacement options, in case of loss or theft, ensuring that the card’s value remains secure.

5.  Generates Revenue

Just like every other country where gift cards are used, it is a significant source of revenue for local businesses and the country at large. It encourages patronage in Montenegrin stores and also serves as a valuable tool to support local businesses.

When you support small businesses with gift card purchases, especially for smaller enterprises in the country, it gives them an essential boost, helping them thrive and continue contributing to the local economy.

6. Promotes Tourism

Experience-specific gift cards, such as those for hotels, restaurants, and outdoor activities help to promote tourism in Montenegro. This boosts the hospitality sector and supports local communities that rely on tourism to generate revenue.

7. Promotes  Financial Inclusion

Gift cards grant Montenegrins the means of participating in different sectors of the economy for those who may not have access to traditional banking services. This inclusion benefits the unbanked or underbanked populations thereby encouraging economic empowerment.

Types of Gift Cards in Montenegro

1. Retail- Specific Gift Cards

Most popular retailers in Montenegro provide these cards to enable their customers to shop more flexibly. Sometimes, they come in the form of discount vouchers to motivate customers to buy more items from them while spending less.

Examples of these include the following:

  • TQ Plaza Gift Card: These can be used in the TQ Plaza shopping mall in Budva, which houses a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. The cards are specially designed for any products or services within the mall.
  • Maxi Gift Card: Maxi is a well-known supermarket chain in Montenegro that sells a lot of products, such as groceries, electronics, household items, and other products obtainable at Maxi Stores.
  • Sports Vision Gift Card: This is a popular sports store in Montenegro that sells sports jerseys, roller skates, footwear, and equipment and accessories for various sports.
  • City Mall Gift Card:  This is accepted in City Mall, a popular shopping destination in Podgorica. It can be used to shop for clothes, household goods, children’s books, etc.
  • Delta City Gift Card: Issued and used in Delta City Mall which was the first and largest mall in Podgorica.  The shopping centre has numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants within it.
  • DM Gift Cards: DM is a drugstore chain in  Zgrada Vujanovic Montenegro that offers gift cards that can be used to purchase medical and beauty products.
  • Telenor Gift Cards: A telecommunications company also in Podgorica, Montenegro that offers gift cards for prepaid mobile phones. These cards come in different amounts and provide affordable options for those looking to stay connected while on a journey.

2. Experience-Based Gift Cards

These cards grant you access to create lasting memories rather than acquiring material possessions, making them befitting gifts for adventure-seekers and experiential enthusiasts.

You can pamper yourself or your loved ones with these cards for luxurious spa treatments or wellness sessions. They are ideal for activities like boat tours, hiking, etc. A Popular example is Tinggly Experience Gift Cards. this gift card is used for all forms of experiences like driving, adventures, cruising and sailing, tours, and sightseeing.

3. Charity Gift Cards

Just like in other countries, Montenegro also accepts gift cards for charitable donations. These cards provide the chance to make a positive impact by supporting various welfare causes and nonprofit organizations in Montenegro.

Many reputable charities and NGOs in the country allow donors to buy gift cards with predetermined amounts, for their beneficiaries to redeem for any project. This not only expresses your heart-felt concern but also contributes to the betterment of society and the local community.

They are available as E-gift Cards, Printable Gift Cards, or Physical Gift Cards.

The following are some of the examples:

  • Eurovangelism Gift Cards: These are issued by Eurovangelism NGO and used to give gifts in kind and other resources to churches, Individuals, and organizations in Europe.
  • Hope and Aid Direct Gift Card: Offered by the NGO for giving gifts and donations to make provision of humanitarian aid for the relief of poverty and for the improvement of conditions of life of Montenegrins.
  • Global Helping Hands Gift Cards: Used to provide grants, items, and services to people in need and other organizations working to prevent or relieve poverty in the country.

4.  Restaurant or  Culinary Gift Cards

As the name goes, they are gift cards offered by culinary establishments to access their dining services with family and friends. They are the perfect choice for food lovers to have a taste of various delicacies in the country.

Also used for cooking classes for those with a passion for cooking, workshops, and classes that offer an opportunity to learn from skilled chefs and explore local recipes. Examples are:

  • Restaurant Jadran Gift Cards: This gift card is provided by Jadran Kod Krsta restaurant for their customers who want to have a taste of different delicacies on their menu.
  • Little Bay Gift Cards:  These cards are used at any Little Bay Old Town restaurant. The cards are also available in different amounts suitable for any budget.
  • Gusto 54 Gift Cards: They are a popular restaurant group in Montenegro that issues and accepts gift cards for their services which include, catering and charitable programs of providing food to the needy.

5. Entertainment Gift Cards

As the name goes, they are basically for entertainment purposes. They are designed to enable you to enjoy the country’s diverse culture, available for occasions like theatre performances, cinema screenings, and local concerts.

With lots of artistic performances to choose from, these gift cards are perfect for entertainment lovers. They also have designed subscription services for music and live-streaming platforms for media lovers. The following are some of the examples:

  • HersheyPark Gift Cards: It is issued by  Hershey Amusement Park  & Resorts areas in Montenegro. It is used for all forms of entertainment both for adults and children.
  • Karting Centar Gift Cards:  They are offered at the  Kating Centar Podgorica for their games and entertainment and auto racing activities.
  • Adventure Park  Gift Cards:  They are available at the Adventure Park Lovcen for guests who desire to be entertained at the parks.
  • Tara Kula Raft Gift Cards: These cards are available at the Domitor National Park for lovers of various outdoor entertainment activities like river rafting and tubing, etc.

7. Travel and Accommodation Gift Cards

They are specially designed for travel and accommodation purposes. They provide you with an opportunity to explore Montenegro’s vibrant cities. The tourism industry is growing rapidly in the country and so, travel agencies are in high demand. This is one of the reasons they offer gift cards to make it more convenient and flexible for tourists to enjoy their stay.

Hotels and resort gift cards for memorable accommodation are also available. These go together with the Travel gift cards to enhance the tourism experience. Most travel agencies offer both cards together.

The following are some of the examples:

  • Gift Card for Villa Montenegro: This is a digital gift card offered by Room Card; an online platform for the buying and selling of gift cards. It can be used to book hotel accommodation while on a tour around the country.
  • Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora Gift Card: It is provided by the hotel to book their services which include accommodation, spa treatments, etc.
  • Hotel Alexandar LUX Gift Cards: The hotel provides customized gift cards for their customers to have memorable experiences with all the services they provide.
  • Palmon Bay Hotel Gift Cards: The hotel offers these cards for customers to be able to access their accommodation and spa services at different budgets.

P.S. Only Single Purpose Gift Cards are used in Montenegro. Unlike some other countries where there are multi-purpose Gift Cards.

8.  Corporate Gift Cards

These cards help to strengthen professional relationships through gifting. Most Businesses often use gift cards as a token of appreciation for employees, clients, or partners promoting positive relationships and loyalty among them.

They are also valuable tools for corporate incentive programs to recognize and reward outstanding performances and achievements.

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Where Can I Sell My Gift Cards?

Generally, you can either sell your cards offline in retail shops in the country or find online platforms that specialize in the sale of international gift cards including Montenegro.

In Nigeria, before you sell your gift cards online you need to verify the reputation of the platform you want to use. This is very important to avoid being a victim of fraudulent activities.

The best platform to sell your gift card in Nigeria is Snappy Exchange.  Here, We offer you the best user-friendly interface to easily navigate and sell your cards for real cash.

We are a leading E-currency & Gift Card trading platform in Nigeria. Our customers can trade their  Gift Cards, and cryptocurrencies, buy airtime, and data, and pay bills.

Benefits of Selling Your Gift Card on Snappy Exchange

1. Best Rates

We offer you the best rate for any sales you make with us. You can check them out on our website and start your exciting journey in Gift Card sales.

2. Responsive Customer Support

We focus on prompt customer service at any time of the day. That is why our contact channels are available 24/7 to ensure that we are at your reach any day, anytime. You can contact us via our website.

Also, we ensure customer trust and satisfaction. We have built trust by maintaining transparent communication, promptly delivering gift cards after purchase, and addressing any customer concerns or complaints promptly.

3. Safe and Secured Transactions

We have implemented measures to ensure that all transactions you make on our platform are not just safe but also that your details are secured.

4. Referral Bonuses

We reward you for all referrals who complete their orders on our platform. This has also helped us to build long-term relationships with our customers who keep coming back and referring others to us. You can register with us today and share your referral link to keep your cash rewards rolling in.

5. Fast Payments

Our payments are fast, and there are no delays with our payouts. Our orders are processed with speed. We are best when it comes to selling your Gift Cards, payments are fast after confirmation and completed within minutes.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Snappy Exchange

The following steps would help you to sell your gift cards on our platform:

Step1: Go to  our website or download our  mobile app

Step 2: Click on “Login” at the upper right-hand of the menu bar

Step 3: Enter your email and a password, then go ahead and sign in

Step 4: On the next page, click on “Sell Gift Card” at the upper right-hand of the page

Step 5: Select the type of Gift Card you want to sell on the next page

Step 6: Select the country, card type, and quantity you want to sell and submit

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Once your card is uploaded, your account would be credited immediately, in less than 10 minutes.


What is a Single Purpose Gift Card?

They are designed to be redeemed for only one particular product or service.

snappy exchangeConclusion

All the types of gift cards available in Montenegro come either as physical or digital cards.  Ranging from Retail Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards, Travel Gift Cards, Entertainment Gift Cards, Charity Gift Cards, and Experience -Based Gift Card, they all contribute to healthy community engagement in various ways and also help to boost the revenue of the economy.

When selling them, it is very important to consider all the factors that reduce fraudulent activities.

In the same way,  when you want to sell your gift card in Nigeria, look no further, Snappy Exchange is the best brand for you. There are so many benefits you are sure to get from using our platforms.

When next you’re thinking of selling your gift card in Nigeria or Ghana, we are just a phone call away. So…why not make us your go-to plug for all gift card sales today and stand the chance of being in our satisfied customers’ listings?