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How To Convert iTunes Gift Card To Naira In Nigeria – Snappy Exchange Blog

How To Convert iTunes Gift Card To Naira In Nigeria

how to convert itunes gift card to naira

When many Nigerians want to convert iTunes gift cards to money, they usually turn to crypto-oriented exchange platforms that facilitate such transactions.

This is the common approach I’d recommend, but finding a trusted broker that can exchange your gift cards for cash or naira is not an easy task since many scammers have occupied the space (those who rip by offering you high rates which you can’t get anywhere)

Still, the easiest and most convenient way to convert your iTunes card to money in Nigeria today is by finding a reliable Gift card trading platform in Nigeria that trades iTunes gift cards.

On such platforms, you will be able to follow a specific prompt for a successful conversion after which the equivalent naira value of the gift card will be sent to your preferred Nigerian bank account.

In the rest of this post, you will see the step-by-step processes involved in exchanging an iTunes card for the money. In addition to that, I’ll also show you a few trusted online platforms in Nigeria that you can rely on for this transaction (and reasons why I recommend them)

First, the steps:

5 Steps to Convert iTunes Card to Money in Nigeria

Issued by Apple Inc., iTunes is the online hub for media, software, and entertainment. Gift cards can be used to buy apps, books, music, movies, and many more. But, it can also be sold in exchange for fiat currencies.

Suppose this is your first time dealing with an iTunes gift card. In that case, you may be having issues with what to do with the card or how to exchange it for money that will be sent to your bank account.

Thankfully, the steps involved are simple, but many exchanges that facilitate such transaction would warn that you ensure the gift cards you are about to convert has not been sent to a third party before.

With that at the back of the mind, you can follow these steps to convert any type of gift card (including iTunes gift cards) to Naira or cash in your bank account in Nigeria:

Step 1: Register on a trusted exchange platform

As mentioned earlier, the best way to convert your iTunes gift card to money without problems is to turn to a trusted online platform that supports such transactions.

There are quite a number of them out there (more on this later) but for the purpose of this guide, we will use one of the best – SnappyExchange because they have been in the industry for a while and put smiles on users’ faces with their services.

So, you log on to their website or download the mobile app version. Afterward, you register on the platform (it is a good thing that the registration process is easy and won’t take more than 5 minutes maximum)

Step 2: Input all necessary details of your iTunes card

Once you have successfully registered your account, navigate to the section of your dashboard where you can start trading.

You will see that SnappyExchange offer a lot more transactional services than converting iTunes card such as Bitcoin to Naira purchase of airtime, trading to crypto-to-fiat among many others. But for today, the focus is iTunes to Naira.

After following the prompt, you will be required to input all the necessary details of your iTunes card. This information includes the Form amount currency, the gift card image, and then the claim code after it has been scratched.

After inputting all the details, review the rate, and transact.

Step 3: Navigate to your wallet to see your funds

Once your trade has been completed, now you navigate to your wallet on the exchange. Whether iTunes or others, all successful trades will be credited to your SnappyExchange wallet automatically.

Step 4: Withdraw the funds

Once you see the funds in your wallet, then you move to ‘withdrawal’ and then select the amount you wish to withdraw.

You will be required to add your preferred Nigeria bank account wherein the money will be sent.

Step 5: Expect your payments in minutes

Another great thing about SnappyExchange is that, for every trade, you can expect instant payment as long as the transaction is successful.

Once your money is in your Nigerian bank account, you can now decide to go to an ATM nearest to you to withdraw cash.

At this point, you have successfully converted your iTunes gift card to cash!

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How Do I Check the Balance Of My iTunes Gift Card?

Before trading your iTunes gift card for cash, another thing you may want to consider is the balance of the gift card to that you can determine its cash value when traded.

The process of achieving this is rather simple and there are many ways to kill a rat in this case. If you have not redeemed the iTunes gift card yet, the balance is easily found on the body of the card.

Alternatively, you can sign in to your account on the App store, and then navigate to your bio on the platform. Under your name, you will see the balance of the gift card.

Best Websites to convert iTunes Gift Card to Money In Nigeria

If you read between the lines, you will realize that a sensitive step in converting iTunes gift cards to money in Nigeria is to find a website that allows for such transactions with the best rate and trustworthy service in terms of instant payment and secured dealings.

There are many websites on the internet built for this purpose, but I’m recommending these few based on my experience with them over the years and the average reviews of Nigerian users who find them very reliable and have stood the test of time.


The services offered by SnappyExachange and targeted to Nigerian crypto traders are extensive. However, one of them is helping users who have iTunes gift cards that they want to trade for naira. It is one of the exchanges with the best rate where you can buy to make a profit.

I recommend SnappyExchange because they are duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, they have proven to be trustworthy and reliable, and over 10,000 Nigerian trusts and use to date.

Apart from that, the platform takes pride in its high-speed and efficient service.


Another alternative that you won’t regret dealing with is Giftcardstonaira. They redeem your iTunes gift card to naira and the rate is better than anything else. I have sold $100 worth of iTunes gift cards in exchange for NGN29,000  to tell you how good their rates are.


You can alternatively redeem your iTunes gift card to naira on Apexpay. They are known for their swift service, especially when it comes to getting the naira equivalent of your iTunes card in your preferred Nigerian bank account.


The unique selling point of Kollycards would be the area of security because they have proven to be trustworthy and reliable for many years which has garnered the trust of close to 100,000 users.

I recommend this platform because of its high buying rate, instant payment, 24/7 Service, 100 percent customer satisfaction, and they have no fraud reports so far.

What To Look out for When Choosing an Exchange Platform For iTunes Transaction

If this will be your first time selling an iTunes card in exchange for money, then there are some factors you need to consider before choosing the exchange to deal with.

First of all, you want to make sure that the platform is known for instant payment after the validation of your iTunes. Many online services will take hours before processing payment even after they have validated your gift card.

Aside from that, you should verify that the platform has a healthy history of being secure, legit, and scam free. Thankfully, popular platforms that claim to be the best have a lot of reviews online that you can go through to give your verdict.

There is nothing as satisfying as being assured that you are dealing with the right person for your gift card conversion. It is also a plus if the platform does not require a redundant and unnecessary long process of identification or registration before carrying out transactions.

There is some website that does not need KYC or identity verification before helping you convert your iTunes cards.

Lastly, prioritize the website with the best rate. As you continue to trade gift cards in the future, you will realize that there is nothing profitable in giving away your gift cards to people at a giveaway price.

In summary

The bottom line is that converting your iTunes card to money in Nigeria becomes easier once you can find a Gift card trading platform in Nigeria that trades iTunes gift cards.

iTunes is one of the most popular gift cards traded in Nigeria, so there are tons of gift card trading platforms in the country today. Some of these websites have a mobile app version that allows you to make transactions on the go.

After registering on the chosen exchange platform, converting any gift card (including iTunes) becomes easier following the procedures shared in the above article.